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Scandinavian cellist, Carl-Oscar Østerlind is one of his generations most versatile musicians. He has been described by the Los Angeles Times as a "superb cellist" and was recently awarded the Danish Arts Council´s career grant "Den Unge Elite". As a chamber musician, he regularly performs in leading chamber groups in Scandinavia and abroad. In 2010 he won the Danish String Competition and was a top prize winner of the "Ljunggrenska Competition" in Sweden.

Carl-Oscar Østerlind appeared as a soloist and chamber musician at festivals such as Ravinia Festival’s Steans Music Institute, Piatigorsky Cello Festival, Verbier Festival, Ipalpiti Festival, Prussia Cove´s "Open Chamber Music" and Bergen Festspillene. As a concerto soloist, he performed in front of orchestras in Denmark, Sweden, USA and Mexico.

Since his early achievements of winning the Jury´s Special Prize in the Danish-Swedish competition "Øresund Soloist", Carl-Oscar Østerlind received many prizes and awards, among others the Jacob Gade Award, Sonning Music Foundation Fellowship, Van Hauen Scholarship and awards from the Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm. As a chamber musician, he won the Danish Broadcasting Chamber Music Competition, The Netherlands "Charles Hennen Competition" and "Trondheim String Quartet Competition" in Norway.

Mr. Østerlind worked as a solo cellist in the Danish Chamber Players, Ensemble MidtVest and Esbjerg Ensemble, and as a principal cellist in Copenhagen Philharmonic, Helsingborg and Iceland Symphony Orchestras. He is a member of Messiaen Quartet Copenhagen and was founding member of the award winning ensembles the Sheridan Piano Trio and the Danish String Quartet

Mr. Østerlind studied at the Royal Academy/Edsberg Institute in Stockholm with Torleif Thedeen, Royal Danish Academy of Music in Copenhagen with Morten Zeuthen and at University of Southern California in Los Angeles with Ralph Kirshbaum. Furthermore he received guidance from Frans Helmerson in Piteå and Hans-Jørgen Jensen in Chicago.

Mr. Østerlind currently plays a 1703 Giovanni Grancino cello, on generous loan from the Augustinus Foundation.

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upcoming concertS     2018/19

October 14. Mantziusgaarden, Birkerød. Portrait Concert, composer Svend Hvidtfeldt Nielsen. Ny Musik i Birkerød

October 23. Østerbro Koncertforening. Messiaen Quartet Copenhagen. Chopin, Messiaen, Mozart, Wagner www.koncertforening.dk

October 28. Lemvig Musikforening. Martinu, Mendelssohn, Beethoven. www.lemvigmusikforening.dk

November 6. Roskilde. Winterreise Festival. Martinu: Duo for violin and cello, Schubert: Octet www.wp.schubertselskabet.dk

November 10. Roskilde. Winterreise Festival. Schubert: Arpeggione sonata and Trio in B-flat www.wp.schubertselskabet.dk

November 11. Roskilde. Winterreise Festival. Schubert: Forellekvintet. www.wp.schubertselskabet.dk

November 13. Copenhagen. Natmandsforeningen. Galzunov: String Quintet. collaboration with Vega String Quartet

November 30-December 3. Recording Session. Sonatas by Brahms and Schnittke. With pianist Emil Gryesten

December 11. Østerbro Koncertforening. Messiaen Quartet Copenhagen. Beethoven, Nielsen, Francaix www.koncertforening.dk

December 28-30. Recording Session. Sonatas by Brahms and Gubaidulina. With pianist Emil Gryesten

January 27. Tønderegnens Musikforening. Brahms, Schnittke, Musorgsky. With pianist Emil Gryesten www.temf.dk

February 6. Christiansfeld Musikforening. Brahms, Schnittke, Musorgsky. With pianist Emil Gryesten http://klassiskchristiansfeld.dk/

February 8. Østerbro Koncertforening. Messiaen Quartet Copenhagen. Messiaen, Tjørnhøj, Rautavaara www.koncertforening.dk

February 10-12. Recording Session. Sonatas by Brahms and Schnittke. With pianist Emil Gryesten

February 27. RDAM, Debut concert Marthe Husum. Schumann: Piano Quartet. Kirstine Schneider, violin, Joachim Carr, piano

March 3. Birkerød Mantziusgården. Chamber Music by Mogens Christensen Ny Musik i Birkerød

March 3-4 Birkerød Mantziusgården. CD-Recording: Chamber Music by Mogens Christensen. Messiaen Quartet Copenhagen

March 27. Odense. Guest principal cellist in Odense Symphony Orchestra

March 29. Østerbro Koncertforening. Danish Radio P2 Broadcast. Messiaen Quartet Copenhagen.

  • Xennakis: Paille in the Wind for cello and piano, Honneger: Sonatina for violin and cello, Milhaud: trio, Cage: 4,33, Stauning: Premiere.

April 7. Odense. Ensemble Mutatis Odense Musikforening

  • Beethoven: Septet, String trio c-minor, Nielsen: Serenata In Vano

May 16-18 Østerbro Chamber Music Festival www.koncertforening.dk

  • Schubert: Octet - Nielsen: Serenata in Vano - Ravel: Piano Trio. With: Viktor Wennesz, Sebastian Stevensson, David Palmqvist, Malin William-Olsson, Emma Steele, Mattias Palm, Kristoffer Hyldig.

June 8-10 Copenhagen. Tivoli Chamber Music Festival. www.tivoli.dk

  • Ravel: Piano Trio - Ravel: Duo - Chausson: Quintet - Debussy: Quartet. With: Carolin Widman, violin. Messiaen Quartet Copenhagen, Ensemble Mutatis

July 3-7 Helsinki. Helsinki Chamber Music Festival

  • Bach: Suite - Elgar: Piano Quintet - Brahms: Piano Quartet, g-minor - Beethoven: String Trio, e-flat. With: Anna Gebert, violin

    Alina Pogostkina, violin Kreeta-Julia Heikkilä, violin, Jakob Dingstad, viola, Jaani Helander, cello , Suzana Bartal, piano.

July 8-14 Fejøs Festival.

  • Carl-Oscar is Artistic Director and has invited stellar musicians: Sigrun Edvaldsdottir, violin, Kreeta-Julia Heikkilä, violin, Christian Ellegaard, violin, Mina Fred, viola, Matan Glitchensky, viola, Jaani Helander, cello, Ingrid Neset, flute, Viktor Wennesz, clarinet, Elaine Ruby, clarinet, Sebastian Stevensson, bassoon, Stefan Baur, saxophone, Amelia Jakobsson, soprano, Moritz Winkelmann, piano, Kristoffer Hyldig, piano, Suzana Bartal, piano.

August 6 Copenhagen Summer Festival

  • Messiaen: Quartet for the End of Time

September 29 Haderslev Musikforening

October 25 Østerbro Koncertforening. Messiaen Quartet play Poul Ruders

  • Ruders: Bravour Studies for solo cello. Tatoo for four

November 10 Vara Konserthus, Sweden

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